Our Vision For The Circle G Ranch

This is a short excerpt from an extensive and detailed 23 page document produced by The Circle G Foundation in 2012

 This document was presented to the Mayor of Horn Lake and Ciy Council at that time and it was received very favourably by them.

In 2013 when the prospective (now present) owners contacted us here at The Circle G Foundation we shared this document in full and all our ideas with them.

The Circle G Experience

Our Vision For The  Future OfCircle G Ranch

The Circle G Foundation believes that continued fan and resident involvement in the project would result in a totally unique visitor experience, drawing on a reservoir of specialist knowledge and enthusiasm.

Our plans for the ranch would not only focus on its important role in the life of Elvis  Presley but would also seek to celebrate the history and culture of Horn Lake and its residents, past and present.

The property is being allowed to deteriorate at an alarming rate and if something is not done soon then the unique features that make this site so significant will be lost forever- which would be a tragic loss for Elvis Presley fans around the world, the City of Horn Lake, the State of Mississippi and the USA as a whole.

If our plans can be realised than the Circle G would provide visitors with a unique experience.  Documenting the part it played in Elvis’ life would illustrate another aspect of the man considered to be “perhaps the single most influential figure of the 20th century” (quote from the Smithsonian Institute).  It would create an exciting third point in the Elvis Golden Triangle.        



Visitors would be able to enjoy a wide range of leisure facilities and activities such as horse riding, hiking and walking trails, picnic facilities, fishing, rental cabins, BBQ ‘s and much more ……..      

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and we will add more from Our Vision document very soon




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