A Brief History

The first mention of the property appears in local documents as far back as 1897, at that time there is no mention of buildings but the property consisted of 320 acres of land.  

Between 1897 and 1967, when Elvis purchased the ranch, it had 11 different owners.  We are unsure who actually built the ranch house but following extensive research by Sue (Mack) Freeman, we believe that the house may well have been built by Mrs Anna C Cox, who owned the property from 1938 too 1958.  Mrs Cox’s family sold 160 acres to Jack Adams in 1963.

Elvis involvement at the ranch began in early 1967 when whilst out on a trip to the country to buy more horses for his growing stable, he came across the ranch, then named Twinkletown Farm.

We are told that it was the sight of the large white cross that caught his attention and Elvis purchased the ranch on the spot from Jack Adams for $437,000 USD.

Elvis wanted to name the ranch The Circle G but when he tried to register it under that name it was discovered that another ranch already existed using the name – Elvis did a little rethinking and eventually registered his property as The Flying Circle G.

In the coming days and weeks Elvis purchased several mobile homes so that his friends could stay on the ranch with him.  He also bought several vehicles, agricultural equipment and a small herd of cattle.

Once the 3 metre fence was erected around the property Elvis and his friends and family began to enjoy their new country retreat.

After Elvis’ marriage to Priscilla on May 1st 1967 they spent a few days in Palm Springs and then returned home to the ranch for several days.  Ever since hen the ranch house has been known as Elvis’ honeymoon cottage.

Elvis enjoyed the seclusion of the ranch and the wide open spaces. They held bbq’s, fooled around on the farming equipment and spent many hours riding the range.

In 1969 and under pressure to curb his spending, Elvis agreed to sell the ranch.

On May 20th 1969 The Mississippi Gun Club became the new owners.

In 1972 they defaulted on the loan and he property returned to the State who returned it to Elvis in May 1972.

Elvis’ownerhsip of the ranch came to an end on December 1 1972 when it was sold to the Boyle Development Company.

In the years after he sold the ranch he spoke fondly of it to family and friends and returned many times to reminisce on the good times spent there.

The Circle G Ranch played a significant part in Elvis’ life. His time there coincided with a period of enormous changes in both his personal life and career.  He was a newly married man, an expectant father and an entertainer approaching  a life changing crossroads in his career.


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