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Where the king became a cowboy……..

Welcome to The Circle G Foundation.  A place for Elvis fans who care passionately about Elvis, his Circle G Ranch and preserving it for future generations. A place where his humanitarian legacy could be celebrated and continued.

The Circle G Foundation began life back in 2010 as The Friends of Elvis – Save the Circle G Campaign.

Our efforts to raise the profile of the ranch, its significance in Elvis’ story and the necessity to preserve it quickly gained thousands of supporters world wide and in 2012 we changed our name to The Circle G Foundation.

Run by dedicated Elvis fans the Foundation grew until we had over fifty Ambassadors world wide and representation on every continent.

We are very proud that by early 2015 the Circle G Foundation had made sizeable donations to St Jude’s Cancer Research Hospital in Memphis, Heart Research and the Salvation Army- all donations were made in honour of Elvis and in his name.

In 2013 we had begun to work confidentially behind the scenes with the prospective buyers of the ranch (REI Inc). We shared the details of Our Vision For The Ranch with them. We helped supply them with information on the history of the ranch, how the fans felt and what they would like to see happen at the ranch and did our best to help REI understand the Elvis world in general.

When REI purchased the ranch in the spring of 2014 we thought all our hard work had resulted in our dreams coming true. Sadly by the beginnng of 2015 we had seen no sign of significant preservation or work underway on the ranch and we felt increasingly distanced by the new owners.

With that in mind we made the difficult decision to take a step back.

During Elvis Week 2017 we were contacted by so many fans visiting Memphis for the 40th anniversary who had driven to Horn Lake hopeful to see some progress at the Circle G. All their messages to us were of disappointment at the apparent lack of progress and dismay at seeing the house etc being allowed to continue to deteriorate.

Here at the CGF we felt honour bound to those who had supported us to step forward and pass on the concerns, comments and questions to the new owners. We continue to do that via their Facebook page as their website is no longer ‘live’ (apparently due to reappear soon).

Everyone here at The Circle G Foundation sincerely hope that the owners of the ranch live up to their plans and promises. After all, it has been our goal since 2010 to see the ranch brought back to life and preserved.

This new website of ours is a much simplified affair but eve so we hope to include some interesting and useful information and, as always, we welcome your input.

The Circle G Foundation – doing this for Elvis and his memory.

We thank you for your continued support.


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